N  I  P  P  O  N    J  U  M  E    A  K  I  T  A    K  E  N  N  E  L
I n d e x
A k i t a
A b o u t  u s
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P h o t o

Thanks for visiting our webpage. We are the owners of the Nippon Jume Akita Kennel, Gombosne Erika and Zoltán Gombos. We have got to know the specie in 1997 and we instantly fell in love with its nature. Since then we have gained a lot of experience in the keeping, breeding and in dog shows. You can find puppies from us all around the world as a pet or as a show dog. The Nippon Jume Kennel has a small number of akitas. For us the quality is more important, that is why we are only breeding dogs with pure japanese bloodline. We are proud that or dogs aren't just beautiful but their temper is good,they are kind and have a nice personality.